Change management workshop

Laying the foundations: having an understanding of us, change, and the need to know how to manage change in our life.

In order for us to be able to have an understanding and/or a deeper understanding of ourselves. This is a need that we have all the time as long as we are living. This requires consciousness from our part as well; to be aware that our “being” requires the recognition of the need that in order for us to have a “growth”; the desired growth that we aspire for, we need to have an understanding for who we are as if we are looking at a compass to help us in guiding us through the way while being assured that we still remain on the correct path.

Too often what happens is that we are not able to recognize such need; the need of acknowledging and strengthening our being. This requires an array of sets of competencies that we use and keep on developing. Moreover, as human beings, change is around us all the time and it often passes un-noticed while we are waiting for a better chance or a new future. Even when we get older with age and we pass from one phase to the next, we rarely view this as times of change.

The point is that we are in a constant state of change as change is a dynamic process and it keeps on occurring in our lives at all times. We are not able to identify change unless it is being forced and it comes in a massive form that is hard to be ignored. At this moment, since we know little about change, we do not know how to handle or to manage effectively. Instead, we stand before change doing nothing and simply wait until things sort themselves out.

Together, we will be going through a guided journey towards our self-discovery, self known, and understanding change in our lives, how to manage, and which competencies we need to acquire and develop.


Who might need this?

2 days’ essential workshop as described below:

Day 1

  • Action, Order, Nurture, Creative
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Brains’ functionality understanding
  • Basic needs
  • Meaning, Motives, Purpose

Day 2

  • Power intelligence
  • Transition curve
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessing my Emotional Intelligence
  • What is next?

After completing the 2-days we agree on the next follow up as we might need 1, 2, or 3 days based on the needs of the person or group.
Self-awareness, Self-discipline, Self-confidence, Self-empathy, and, Power
Group size: this workshop can be done with individuals or with a group (4 – 10 people).

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