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C-Hub: innovation in creation: makers’ movement

The C-Hub: innovation in creation is a project and a space that focuses on youth’s economic agency by providing tailored capacity building and workshops for the youth in Jordan who is interested in the makers’ movement.

The C-Hub introduces the concept of makers for non-makers and anybody who is willing to learn and take the lead in embarking on new and innovative experiences. The C-Hub space is equipped with basic tools and machines that makers would need to start learning about how to “make things” and to have this approach towards being innovative and sustainable into transforming objects and waste into raw material for the next product of purpose to be made.

The workshops at the C-Hub range from design, to resin molds making, to working with wood, and to makathones and accelerating micro-start-ups in creative entrepreneurship. The makers’ movement is based on competency building whilst having an eco-friendly approach towards the environment and sustainable living. In addition to those makers who are making products with a purpose, they are paving the road towards creating more jobs and making the makers youth to become more employable in the creative and cultural industries sector, which requires further development and promotion. 

Until the day the creative and cultural industries develop in Jordan, a community of makers is already being formed, with the mind-set of collaborating and making shared economy a living reality.

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