Human-centered design

IDare pays close attention to the right holders we work with and therefore, having a human-centered design is a crucial step towards ensuring that we are starting from having a proper understanding of the right holders we work with, we are able to grasp their needs and with using creative approaches towards addressing those needs and providing innovative solutions that would speak to them.

IDare’s 15 competency model for strengthening societal resilience

IDare team together with the youth, we invested in the whole of 2018 using a human-centered design process towards identifying IDare’s 15 competency model that would make a young person more resilient. IDare competency model is integrated into our programs where youth will have the chance to work on developing or acquiring one or more of these competencies through approaching three dimensions: knowledge, skills, and attitudes for each competency.

Unleashing youth agency: intellectual and economic

Positive Youth Development (PYD) through IDare’s 15 competencies model which are; communication, sharing knowledge, teamwork, sense of initiative, sense of responsibility, open-mindedness, self-awareness, critical thinking, learning to learn, creativity, inner readiness, intellectual autonomy, empathy, self-confidence, and adaptation to change.

Emotional Intelligence and wellbeing

IDare focuses heavily on the emotional understanding and wellbeing of individuals. IDare believes that dialogue, mutual respect, and social cohesion and peacebuilding starts from having a prosperous status of emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Building the capacities of people, we work with around understanding feelings and emotions and how they are influencing our decisions and taking part even in shaping our life and future. It is important to have the time to start working on our intelligence from the emotional side and to increase our vocabulary we are using while realising that we can move from one spectrum to the opposite one in order to boost our wellbeing and state of mind.

Having a profound understanding of who we are, why and how we are behaving the way we do, makes us more understanding and even more empathetic to the ones around us. All of this would lead to the overall wellbeing of the whole society and most importantly, everyone will start from their own small network among families and friends.


IDare lay the foundation by having some time dedicated to have an understanding and a reflection about our identities; individual and collective ones. The learning session(s) evolves around the individuals and the communities.

To understand and to go deeper into what makes us who we are and perhaps to go through the power around our identity and how to interact with others’ identities. It can be one exercise or a series of inter-related exercise serving a certain objective. It will always depend on group dynamics and the topic being covered.

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