Positive behavioral change within the development sector

IDare for Sustainable Development, non-for profit

IDare for Sustainable Development is a not-for-profit organization established in Oct. 2013 in Jordan (Amman based). IDare is a non-governmental Jordanian organization and not affiliated nor registered with any political party. As a social venture, the core of I-Dare actions is based on social marketing (community change behavior) from the early stages of idea development to the successful achievement of the desired impact.

IDare is dedicated to fostering positive youth development (PYD) for sustainable change. IDare believes in youth as the driving force towards development in its comprehensive sustainable concept where social, economic and political dimensions are equally respected. I-Dare exists to be the platform for the voice and efforts of young active citizens in transforming their societies to achieve remarkable success in all their endeavors.

Values: Justice, Youth Agency, Creativity, Collaboration, Life-Long Learning.
Vision: A society in which youth partner in shaping public life.
Mission: Activating youth potential.