Open Call for Participants: Creative Impact Lab Amman

ZERO1 and IDare are pleased to announce the open call for participants in Creative Impact Lab Amman.

Creative Impact Lab Amman is a six-week hybrid creative exchange that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to address environmental sustainability.Waterworlds: worldbuilding for adaptive climate futuresWork with transdisciplinary artist Isabel Beavers to imagine better climate futures through video, animation, and sound. In this hybrid in-person and virtual workshop, participants will address their personal relationship to water resources and create a video projection mapping projection that symbolizes collective resilience in the face of the climate crisis. Participants will learn to create photogrammetry models, make animated scenes, and use the projection mapping software MadMapper to create a collaborative video and sound installation at the IDARE center. The workshop will include guest visits from experts in the field of climate science, field trips to local art and cultural centers, and group dialogue and discussion. This collaborative project is open to participants of all skill levels who are excited to learn together and create a technology based art installation.

The lab consists of five activity phases:
- Artist Talk:
a presentation by the U.S. lead artist introducing the participants and the public to their creative practice.
- Workshops: a workshop series led by the U.S. artist which leverages their specific area of expertise. In parallel, the topic of environmental sustainability is explored by applying frameworks from the arts, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement.
- Project Development: Participants prototype artworks that apply workshop skills to address environmental sustainability.
- Panel Review and Virtual Exhibition: the lab culminates in a public panel review wherein Jordanian and U.S. experts provide feedback on participant project prototypes. Projects are revealed to a wider public audience at a virtual exhibition opening.
- Sustainability Meeting: the U.S. artist and participants discuss how their artworks might develop beyond the Lab.

The first two activity phases (Artist Talk and Workshops) will be conducted with the U.S. lead artist and participants at IDare in Amman. The subsequent three activity phases will be conducted with the U.S. lead artist facilitating participants remotely from the U.S.

Project dates:
- Artist talk:
May 14, 2022
- Workshops: May 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 2022
- Project Development: May 22 - June 17, 2022
- Panel Review and Virtual Exhibition: June 18, 2022
- Sustainability Meeting: June 19, 2022

Creative Impact Lab will be led by Isabel Beavers, a transdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Their work explores ecologies, examines environmental histories and postulates about climate futures through multimedia installation and new media. Beavers’ work has been presented at Museum of Design Atlanta (2021), San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (2021), New York Hall of Science (2020), CultureHub LA (2020), MIT Museum (2019), Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin Thaer-Institut (2018), Mountain Time Arts (2017). They have held workshops at the Hammer Museum (2020) and the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (2019). Beavers holds an MFA from Tufts University and is the 2021 AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art and Science Fellow. 

We are looking for Jordanian residents (age 18+) with:

- An interest in technology, new media, and/or digital art; experience in the arts is a plus
- An interest in exploring environmental sustainability
- A desire to learn from new perspectives and new tools
- A willingness to work and create in a collaborative environment
- An ability to work independently in a self-directed manner
- Youth (age 18-35), women, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Participation in the Lab is free of charge.Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2022.  

Apply using this online form here.

Questions? Please contact  Apply NowCreative Impact Lab Amman (2022) is a ZERO1 international exchange supported by U.S. Embassy Amman and hosted by IDare for Sustainable Development.