Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management in Jordan is a campaign that ​focuses on raising awareness towards this issue at the community level. IDARE was contracted by GIZ to develop 20 conceptual images that aim to sensitize the Jordanian population about problems related to pollution, consumption of non-reusable materials and solid waste in general.

How might we sensitize people towards adopting eco-friendly behaviours?

IDARE believes in social change and having young people shaping public life and creating positive social transformation. If young people work actively in increasing awareness about the impact of harmful environment behaviour and mobilize to create online and offline campaigns that promote eco-friendly social behaviour, we can promote change in the way people deal with solid waste.

This was what IDARE tried to accomplish. During the process, several images reflecting ​ambiences with which people could easily identify were created. The images were conceived around cultural locations with the objective of triggering some positive emotions for people living in Jordan being also complemented with a message aiming to trigger reflection for the audience.

The images were posted on a dedicated e-booklet link and the campaign was accompanied with the hashtag #لما_بلادي_بتنادي (When My Country is Calling) which refers to the song developed by IDARE for this campaign.