Haki Sehi (Health/y Talk)

Strengthening individual resilience.

The Haki Sehi program focuses on promoting the overall mental health and well-being of young people. The program provides a range of activities aimed at enhancing self-awareness, improving coping skills, and building resilience. The Haki Sehi program emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive environment for young people to overcome challenges and develop positive self-esteem and self-worth. By prioritizing their mental health, youth are empowered to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

IDare's approach to mental health and wellbeing highlights the critical role that emotional intelligence and wellbeing play in shaping individuals and communities. IDare's focus on these factors emphasizes the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes open communication, empathy, and understanding. By prioritizing mental health and wellbeing, IDare is taking a proactive step towards creating peaceful and cohesive communities that are better equipped to handle the challenges of today's world.

IDare's focus on emotional understanding and wellbeing highlights the importance of self-awareness and personal development in creating a peaceful and cohesive society. By promoting self-awareness and encouraging individuals to understand their own emotions, behaviors, and motivations, IDare aims to foster empathy, understanding, and respect for others. This, in turn, can contribute to the overall wellbeing of the whole society, as people begin to cultivate more harmonious relationships with their families and friends. By starting from a personal level and working towards the betterment of small networks, IDare believes that it can have a ripple effect that leads to a more peaceful and harmonious society.

This key pillar is focused on 3 key areas necessary to promote health and well-being of individuals and communities covering three areas:

1. Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) 

Provide access to quality scientific information about Sexual and Reproductive Health, mental health and well-being, and nutrition. Our lens is also based on a human rights based approach. This area focuses on providing individuals with accurate and comprehensive information about sexual and reproductive health, including topics such as reproductive anatomy and physiology, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and childbirth, and menopause. It is important to approach SRH from a human rights perspective, as every individual has the right to make informed decisions about their own health and well-being. IDare aims to provide resources and support to help individuals access the information they need to make informed choices about their SRH.

2. Mental health and well being

IDare's focus on mental health and well-being highlights the importance of taking care of one's mental health as a fundamental aspect of overall health. This includes providing information and resources on how to develop healthy mindsets, manage work and life, maintain healthy living habits, and promote healthy lifestyles. The approach is based on the belief that well-being and mental health are fundamental human rights and should be accessible to everyone.

3. Nutrition

IDare's focus on nutrition as part of overall well-being recognizes the importance of proper nutrition in maintaining good physical and mental health. By providing basic nutritional information and promoting healthy eating habits, IDare aims to help individuals make informed choices about what they eat, leading to improved overall well-being. IDare believes that good nutrition is a critical component of overall health and well-being. They aim to provide access to quality information about healthy eating, basic nutritional information, and how to maintain a balanced diet. This will help individuals make informed decisions about their food choices and improve their overall health and well-being.

The pillar on health and well-being focuses on providing access to quality information and resources in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Mental Health and Well-being, and Nutrition. This is based on a human rights-based approach and aims to promote overall health by addressing these three areas which are critical to individual and community well-being. The focus is on developing healthy mindsets, healthy living habits, and maintaining a balanced diet to ensure that individuals have the resources and information they need to take care of their mental and physical health.