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Globally, Jordan ranks the 5th lowest in terms of women participation in the labour market. In 2019, the unemployment rate for women was 27%. The C-Hub aims to unleash the economic agency of young women through developing their innate entrepreneurial skills to either build their own businesses or be more employable through the competencies they have acquired within the creative and cultural industries. I Dare developed a ‘Blended learning' that combines online DIY video tutorials with practical DIY business start-up kits to do at their housed or the C-Hub. As a concept and space, The C-Hub is very new to Jordan. It offers a unique mix between entrepreneurship and creativity. It sheds light on the ‘creative economy’ which is not yet recognised as a sector in our region. Through this inclusive project, the C-Hub offers an alternative ecosystem for young women to experientially learn and grow within a space free of social pressure.