C-Hub: innovation in creation

The C-Hub: Innovation in creation is a project focusing on the economic agency of youth in Jordan by providing them with a space to build their competencies. It introduces the concept of makers for non-makers since it is open to anyone without any previous experience in making things. The project is therefore open to any young person interested in the makers’ movement and the development of their skills through new and innovative experiences. The makers’ movement is based on building the competencies of makers with an environmentally friendly approach, recycling and achieving sustainable development. The C-Hub space contributes to achieving sustainable development since it is equipped with basic tools and equipment for the youth to “make things” by recycling waste and raw materials to produce finished products. The C-Hub project therefore introduces and applies the concept of “making used materials”.    

To help the youth with the making process, the C-Hub hosts a range of workshops including resin molds production, woodwork, and makathones. The development of the youth’s competencies increases their own employment opportunities in the creative job sector. Furthermore, the workshops are aimed at developing their entrepreneurial skills so that they can accelerate towards establishing their own micro-start-up businesses. These businesses can then create more employment opportunities for youth in the creative and cultural industries, which is a job sector in need of development in Jordan. This would potentially create a community of makers, thus making the sharing economy a living reality for the youth.