Articipate: youth participation through art-based methods

The story of ARTicipate concept started in 2011 with Can Ya Makan long-term project, which is focused on human rights education for children using storytelling. ARTicipate is based on non-formal learning methodology in order to promote youth participation, social activism, and active citizenship through art. ARTicipate aims to become a growing platform for artist-activists and youth to express themselves and to carry out local initiatives with social impact through art-based methods as well as promoting social entrepreneurship through art for development.


Youth participation through comics

Youth participation through using comics is facilitated through 5-days workshops, providing the comic artists to have a space to meet, to learn and to produce together. At the end of the fifth day, there is an exhibition showcasing the artwork of comic artists. As a result of the Comicipate project and with the support of the ACERCA Program through the Spanish embassy, Comicipate managed to issue a comic magazine with the name Y’ani which is considered to be the third comic magazine in the history of Jordan.

Stories of solidarity


Community resilience 


Social justice 


In the name of peace


Peace beyond lights 


Sample Headline



Youth telling their stories using videos' making

This project aims at strengthening youth agency among youth in Ajloun Governorate by enabling them to create content for short videos. This process will help them develop creative abilities and acquire storytelling skills to empower and equip young people with skills. This process will also enable them to express themselves in their community and will provide them with a platform to express themselves.

This should enhance their self-esteem and confidence and increase the youth’s capacity to be active citizens in their communities. It will also build channels of dialogue in the community. The program will also support the empowerment of young people and strengthen their leadership skills as well as develop the abilities of young people to narrate audio and visual stories and promote dialogues between different generations and cultures.