IDARE for Sustainable Development
Not-for-profit organization

IDARE for Sustainable Development is a not-for-profit organization established in October 2013 in Jordan (Amman based). IDARE is a non-governmental Jordanian organization and not affiliated nor registered with any political party. As a social venture, the core of IDARE actions is based on social marketing (community change behavior) from the early stages of idea development to the successful achievement of the desired impact.

IDARE is dedicated to fostering positive youth development (PYD) for sustainable change. IDARE believes in youth as they are the driving force towards developing comprehensive sustainable concepts where social, economic and political dimensions are equally respected. IDARE exists to be the platform for the voice and efforts of young active citizens in transforming their societies to achieve remarkable success in all their endeavors.

IDARE's work has been broadly disseminated through national and international media channels. Click here to see our collaborators on the spotlight!

Positive behavioral change within the development sector

IDARE is known as the place where young people create their own space, find their voice, express their voice, and where their voices are heard . Through our work with youth, we support the process of learning and creation. Young people work on the thematic topics we cover through our main programmes. Youth-led initiatives are the focus of these programmes and they range from general programmes to advocacy-tools initiatives. 

'Passion' is an word that is heard often at IDARE. We believe that passion is crucial to forming one’s life purpose. To be driven by passion in the work that we do is important. It adds greater meaning to our work at IDare by contributing to the 'why' narrative of individuals. 

Positive change takes time to occur. We understand this well at IDARE, therefore our engagement and youth work adopts a long-term approach. Reflection and learning take time. Building everlasting relationships also takes time. Therefore, projects at IDARE are sustained throughout our main programmes which provides young people with the choice to continue their learning journey with IDare. 

As individuals and as an organization, we identify and relate to our scope of work and it is part of our daily life.