Info-Graphic Facilitation


Info-Graphic Facilitation & Visual Thinking Workshop

25 Training Hours by Yorgos Konstantinou

The language of drawing, visual thinking, visual rhetoric, simple drawing and Graphic Recording Workshop

We invite you to an art discovery & visual thinking workshop…

It’s called “remember drawing” because we all used to know how to draw when we were children, before deciding to become adults. Our workshop centers on discovering some of the artists inside oneself. And you know that art can help you to get closer to your feelings, can help you express yourself and impress the others.

Because drawing is more than a basic skill. It’s a language, a communication tool and a road to unexplored territories.

We invite you to play with images, open the door to visual creativity and show you some basics features of image creation.

  • Learn to draw so that you can put on paper, ideas that don’t fit in words.
  • Learn drawing for visualizing your dreams and visions.
  • Learn so that you can understand better what hides behind the pictures that surround you.
  • Learn some of the visual mechanisms used by graphic design, advertisement, etc, to become more conscious and less of a victim.


More and more in meetings, in small working groups or large conferences, professionals need to communicate their ideas that are handled quickly and effectively, either through social networking sites (twitter hashtag congress ) or internally (in a simple slate). Also at the stage of project planning, while somebody looks for ways of visualizing the complexity of a plan, or aspects of an idea, drawing resources are an indispensable tool…

A simple sketch is a conceptual tool. In this course, we will do exercises to re-learn how to draw in a quick, simple and effective, just with a simple marker. Visual synthesis will exercise the abstract concepts iconización, speed, and agility in the drawing, etc…


  • Each of the attendees will develop their own capacity of drawing.
  • Develop the ability to synthesize, summarize the ideas and translate them into graphics (drawings, arrows, calligraphy, … ).
  • Learn and compare different tools for different needs of Graphic Recording: materials and software, iPad applications, etc…
  • Submit drawn extensive literature on the visual communication and Visual Thinking.

 Addressed to:

  • Consultants who want to improve the working methods of sessions or meetings.
  • Journalists and bloggers who want to broadcast events online using pictures.
  • Facilitators, innovators, coaches, leaders, speakers, anyone who needs to make a public presentation, using drawings or graphics.
  • Professionals who require the Internet as a communication tool.
  • Community managers, internet experts who want to improve visual design skills.
  • The general public who wants to improve their drawing skills and visual synthesis.


  • Graphic Presentation Recording samples.
  • Basic aspects of graphic design and typography.
  • Less is more: simplicity is our tool to avoid the desperation provoked by the useless comparisons.
  • What is the Graphic Recording, how to put up a project of this type, and how it differs from Visual Thinking, blogging, streaming and other similar disciplines?
  • Get familiarized to drawing from reality and out of your imagination. Start using a paper notebook on the daily basis.
  • Simple drawing exercises for getting agile.
  • Analysis and evaluation of exercises.
  • Graphic Recording exercises with simple video chats.
  • Sharing of tricks, best practices, various information, extended bibliography etc.
  • Other issues of interest to the attendees.

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