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United for Online Love Speech Campaign 

In 2015, I Dare for Sustainable Development launched its campaign for promoting the concept of “Online Love Speech” with the aim to raise awareness and mobilize youth to spread “online love speech”. During the period of August 2016 until March 2017, together with the support of the EU delegation office to Jordan, we are launching a new wave of the campaign online and offline targeting Al-Balqa governorate.

Why are we doing it?

Online hate is being mainstreamed in some occasions and trending in others. Hate speech that starts online can continue offline and it can escalate and eventually reaches serious stages of totally not accepting the other.

Online hate speech is being practiced without paying any attention to the harmful content and context that start to be generated online. Sometimes, people are not able to recognize “the hate and violent content”; and in other cases, online hate speech is an intentional behavior that makes things even more challenging.

In many countries around the world now, online hate speech is criminalized and many organizations, corporates, and activists are paying great efforts in order to combat online hate speech.

It is our turn now… It is your turn now… to take an action and join us in promoting “Online Love Speech” in Jordan.

Take part…How to join our campaign?

Like our Facebook page; support us, share it with your friends and family and stay tuned for our different activities ww.facebook.com/OLSJo1

Offline events include:

  • Speak & Cook events. 
  • “Fire Show”, and “Placard campaign”.
  • Join our Nadwah event in Amman.
  • Support and engage with our online campaign.
  • Tweet-Up sessions. 


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