Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE)

Preventing Violent Extremism Project 

I Dare for Sustainable Development implemented a pilot project as part of a scoping phase in the area of Preventing Jordanian youth from engaging in Violent Extremism through building community resilience. The project is developing a holistic intervention mix that is involving youth who will be the main actors “role model” towards preventing violent extremism, building alternative narratives, and equipping youth with necessary competencies in order to enable them to become effective agents for positive behavioural change in enabling sustainable community peace. The following video shows a set of recommendations in this area;



Video from the series 100 Questions on Violence. 

A series of videos titled 100 Questions on Violence is sought to act as a platform for thinking together and having a critical approach towards a one hundred questions that I Dare is tackling;




Pyramid of Hate

Pyramid of Hate among other videos were created in order to lay the foundation for understanding the mechanism of hate and violence; how it forms and escalates. By having a critical look and a personal self-reflection towards topics related to hate and violence, people become more aware and conscious of their own behaviour which is the first step towards adjusting their actions and reactions. 



Kathem Al-Kharabsheh Story

Kathem Al-Kharabsheh is one of the active community members and he is a youth worker with I Dare on the ground, listen to what Kathem got to say about some violent incidents in the region and which actions he chose to adopt.