I – Gender



Is a long term training course for youth workers and trainers. It aims at exploring the dimension of gender-related issues and intercultural learning in order to develop educational methodologies to include and tackle gender issues efficiently when working with young people in contexts with an intercultural dimension. It is about exploring the role of gender in intercultural education and share, learn and develop non-­formal learning methodologies to promote gender equality. The project is co-­founded by the Anna Lindh Foundation and implemented by EuroAccion Murcia (lead organization from Spain), I Dare for Sustainable Development (Jordan), Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (Egypt), GIOSEF-UNITO (Italy), and Jozzor (Palestine).

Project Summary:

Gender-related issues challenge the intercultural dialogue in many different ways, on the national and international level. The representation and practices around gender originate in social relations that include those of the class, religion, and ethnicity. Gender roles should be constructed not as a barrier, on the contrary, they should be recognized as a category that connects men and women, their specific mental and physical constructions, ideas, and beliefs. Tradition is socially structured, may change over time, and can be influenced only by education. Education must work for intercultural understanding, tackling traditional stereotypes concerning the roles of men and women, and all the sources of prejudice and discrimination. Obtaining gender equality means obtaining a full accomplishment of every individual’s potential. Even if it has not yet been accomplished on both shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it should be an integral part of modern democratic and inclusive societies. Check the Facebook page for the project here and the website of the project here.